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How does Vehicle Details work?

Simply go to  Vehicle Details is a web-based software program.  All of the data for the software comes with the program.  You pay only for the number of window stickers you wish to purchase -- we load "credits" into your account, and you simply log on and go!  We will ship you the self-adhesive window sticker forms.  When you run low, just call technical support staff, and over the telephone they will load more “window sticker credits”  and ship more self-adhesive labels (fully customized just for you).  You order and pay only for what you need.  

Can I use Vehicle Details on more than one computer?

Vehicle Details is a web-based application, which means that you can use it from any computer that has internet access.

What type of computer do I need to operate Vehicle Details?

You need a computer with internet access.  A high-speed connection is best.  We recommend using Internet Explorer 7 or higher as your browser.  You will need the latest version of Adobe Reader in order to print labels.  Adobe Reader can be downloaded FREE by visiting

What type of printer do you recommend for printing Vehicle Details Window Stickers?

We recommend using a laser printer.  Ink jet printers may use inks that fade rapidly in sunlight.

Can I print an NADA Retail Value price on my window sticker along with my dealership’s price?

The software provides a space for you to enter a Book Value price.  In partnership with NADA, we offer an edition of Vehicle Details with built-in NADA valuations. 

Can I put my own slogan on my window sticker?

All Vehicle Details stickers are full-color, photo-quality customized window stickers.  We design the sticker with your slogan, logo, hours, website, favorite colors, and much more.  In addition, the Vehicle Details software program allows you to print a dealership message on every window sticker.  There is a one-time design charge of $227 for customizing your sticker.  After that, you may make changes to your design at any time at no charge. 

Can I export my inventory to my website?

Yes!  Vehicle Details uploads your photos and data to virtually any web destination.  One-Button Web Upload feature is available for a low setup fee of just $399.  No Monthly Fee!  No Annual Fee!  No Upload Fee! 

Can you display my Vehicle Details inventory on my dealership website?

Yes!  We offer full inventory framing with Real-Time Updating.  With all the bells and whistles!

Does the Details Window Sticker software print my required FTC Buyer’s Guides?

Yes.  All states.  Any warranty.  The program has the capability to imprint a pre-printed buyer’s guide form, or print the entire required form on self-adhesive blank-front buyer’s guide forms.  Vehicle Details can provide you with a supply of either type.  Documents can be printed in English or Spanish and are available for all states using the federal form. 

Can I print an inventory report for my sales team?

Yes, the program can print a Summary or Detail inventory report.  You may also set parameters to print by inventory date, and you can sort your reports in a variety of ways.  These reports are ideal for use by the sales staff as a quick reference. 

Can I reprint a Window Sticker or a Buyer’s Guide?

Yes.  Each window sticker you create is stored in the system until you remove it.  You may make changes or reprint a window sticker or buyer’s guide any time you wish.  A window sticker credit is deducted for each window sticker you print or re-print, but you may print an unlimited number of buyer’s guides for each vehicle without deducting a credit. 

How many Vehicle Information Sheets can I print per vehicle? 
Unlimited.  Vehicle Information Sheets include the data that’s printed on the window sticker, PLUS an encyclopedia of additional information about each vehicle.  You can also print a digital photo on the vehicle information sheet.  They make great handouts. 

Can I import data from my Reynolds & Reynolds or ADP system into Vehicle Details?
Yes.  For a one-time setup fee of $299, we will assist you in setting up a routine that lets you send your dealership management system inventory to Vehicle Details.  You can even set it to synchronize your Vehicle Details inventory with your dealership system by removing sold vehicles automatically.  DMS Import is a perfect companion to One-Button Web Upload.